195/366: fourteen trees

In 1991 I took a photo of our back yard, resplendent with fourteen trees up in the top tier.

As you can see, I used the word “resplendent” in an ironic way. On such a large block (over 1200 square metres, or almost one third of an acre), those trees looked quite lost.

Still, when you consider we started with a shell on a paddock, it is all relative, and you may understand how thrilled we were at this limited progress.

152/366: autumn hues

On this last day of Autumn in Australia, the sky is unusually blue. I can’t speak for other cities, but in Melbourne it is like a last hurrah before Winter sets in. Yesterday I took a photo of the autumn leaves on the nandina in the back yard, with a maple in the background.

I love the way the colours co-ordinate with their burgundies and crimsons.

I was moved to recreate this photo since the sun is shining. Why not do it now? I thought. Ah, the wonders of digital photography! However, my plans were foiled by the shade cast by some conifers, so instead I took some of the maple at the rear of the property, with filtered sunlight creating some lovely images.

56/366: out with the old, in with the new

Already mentioned was the fact that the only plant on our block of land in 1985 was a mangy-looking cotoneaster at the front of the house. We finally removed it before rotary-hoeing, sowing and growing our front lawn. It was time to choose what we wanted to have, and put it in the spot we chose for ourselves.

We chose for a feature tree, an Evergreen Alder, which we planted on the corner next to the driveway. In those early days we didn’t understand that you had to allow growing room for plants. Another lesson well-learned, but at least that tree would provide shade in years to come, before we built our garage twelve years later.