208/366: over varnish

While the weather has been bleak I have been busy inside, painting and varnishing.

Can you over varnish? In my case, the answer is yes, as I am a little over varnish at the moment. However, the sewing room desks and bay window all look very glossy and new.

I also took the opportunity to have my overlocker and sewing machine both serviced while I was busy working in that room, which served a dual purpose: somewhere to store the machines, and also they will have a fresh start when I get around to doing a little sewing, or rather, alterations.

192/366: a prayer for the varnish

Today was the second day I was varnishing the interior of the bay window in what is now my sewing room. When your kids leave home there are more rooms in which to play!

It is also the subsequent time I have been visited by this particular praying mantis, my new pal. Yesterday I tried to take a photo of the little critter climbing up the window, but the camera refused to focus up close, so all you can really see is the garden outside. It seems alien-esque to me. (Yes, I made that word up.)

However, today I had another chance as Mr (or Mrs, or even Ms) Mantis came to inspect my work, nearly getting glued onto the window sill by the varnish!

Rescued by Yours Truly, the praying mantis skulked off onto the outside brickwork in the pursuit of freedom.