321/366: the case of the mystery plant

Springing up out of nowhere, I don’t know what this plant is. At the moment it is shrub-sized, but you never know, it could end up being a tree.

We’ve left it in situ in case it is something we would like, but who knows?

I was googling leaves to see if I could find out what they are, but all it showed me was there are many different classifying features to leaves. Who even knew all the shapes and styles that are out there?

The leaves are reminiscent of my rhododendron, though not as bright a green. The shape of the leaves is quite elliptical, the veins are pinnate, the leaves seem to be whorled, and they are pleasantly lightly scented when crushed. The trunk seems to be flecked with a lighter colour too. To me, it could be a distant relative of the rhody or maybe the love-child of a rhododendron and lemon tree? I am no expert (obviously).

Photo of Rhododendron leaves:

Photo of older Rhododendron leaves:

Photo of the mystery leaves:

Photo of the mystery trunk:

If you have any ideas to share, please help me, as I need to make a decision about whether it stays in my garden or goes. Thank you in anticipation.