219/366: white camellias

What a wonderful mass of camellias we have this year. The conditions must be exceptional, as I don’t remember having so many flowers in previous years. That could have something to do with the drought of 2009, and its aftermath? This is my personal theory, which may or may not be right. I have a cap that states “Everyone is entitled to my opinion” and it is an epithet I tend to live by!

I’m sure those leaves didn’t look dusty or diseased when I took that photo less than an hour ago.

I’m going back outside to check out those leaves. Stay tuned!

…Okay, I’m back. Those leaves do look a bit dusty, but I remember the flash went off when I took that first photo, which shows up that film of grime. The flash can be a little harsh.

The above photo was taken without the flash, which gives a gentler image. Then I tweaked the next one by wiping the leaves with a damp cloth to give them a glossier look. Hey, it’s no different from wearing makeup to enhance one’s appearance.