305/366: cute kittens

Missing my cats while on holiday in Thailand, at least where we are staying at Thara Patong Beach Resort and Spa, there are plenty of cats roaming around.

It is obviously kitten season, and some are quite adorable (though none as gorgeous as Shadow and Zorro). Admittedly, I am extremely biased in their favour!

303/366: fabulous foreign foliage

Princessprattles is currently on holiday in Phuket, Thailand. Having just done a post on travelswithprincessandquiquinou about fabulous foreign foliage, I thought I would share this lushness on my (primarily) garden blog.

All taken on the grounds of Thara Patong Beach Resort, I was fascinated by the foliage that abounds here. Tropical climates have a style all of their own, extremely appreciated by people who live in temperate climes, such as Melbourne, Australia.

302/366: future friand filling

Okay, let’s take a step into the future. At the moment my blueberry plants are very young, and I believe it will take a couple of years before they get any fruit, but just imagine it.

I can almost see a glass platter of magnificent blueberry friands.

In the meantime I shall have to continue buying blueberries when I have the urge to use my friand pan, but they say good things come to those who wait. Let’s just be patient.

301/366: pretty pink camellia

Camellias flowers are lovely but they do brown fairly easily, and in my opinion are not the best cut flowers because they drop quite quickly. Out in the garden under the camellia there is an array of discarded blooms.

The pink one is particularly pretty because it tricked us, so we call it the sneaky camellia.

A delicate little spiderweb drapes itself from the dark green foliage onto the flower.

300/366: the neglected chair

After buying two chairs needing some TLC from a garage sale, I set about providing the necessary tender loving care, with some help from my husband. The “before” photo shows a rather decrepit looking seat.

Needing new timber across the seats, he kindly obliged. I finished them off with a coat of paint and they were nearly as good as new, another example of recycling. Pictured is the “after” shot of one of the pair of chairs.

298/366: cat in a tub

How cute it is when cats climb into boxes and baskets. Zorro is particularly fond of finding solace in closed-in containers. Perhaps it makes him feel safe? Not that he has any safety worries around our place, since he often rules the roost. He has me wrapped around his little finger. Sorry, I mean paw!

297/366: a bland garden

While I don’t really think I have a bland garden, when I took a photo using the colour accent feature of my camera, it did indeed look somewhat lacking in colour.

The rose leaves are tinged with colour, while the rest blends into a sea of grey.

I definitely prefer my more colourful, realistic garden.

296/366: ball on a stick

I have found an enjoyment in pruning that equates with an unfulfilled momentary desire to be a hairdresser. But having some fun with haircuts as a lay person and doing it day in and day out would be a different matter.

This way I have the fun of creating shapes and managing nature at my will.

One of the Castewallen Gold conifers that we decided to keep is situated at the front corner of the house. The tree people had lopped the top off, and over a period of years I have pruned and trimmed it into a reasonable shape and size. The ball on a stick is an attractive look, where you can attain some controlled height in a plant.