9/15: the april fool

The answer to the question I posed in my last post (hmmm, what a good segue into my next post), is that April actually has thirty days. The error occurred because February and April both started on the same day of the week. To save time preparing the calendar for reproduction (and no, that won’t be a post any time soon), I used February as a base, but forgot to add those two extra days.

Remember the old rhyme?

thirty days hath September

Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one, excepting February, which has twenty-eight days clear, and twenty-nine each leap year.

When I do the calendar for next year I must be vigilant!





8/15: april calendar

April Quote

But who was the April fool? Oui, moi. See if you can spot the mistake below. So much for my pride as a proof-reader. Pride cometh before a fall as we all know. Then when you have found the error, suggest how it may have occurred. I shall answer these questions in my next post.


33/14: creative card making – card enhancing

Card enhancing? When I’m in a hurry to make an occasion card, sometimes I take a notecard, which already has a base design, add some Calligraphy and other embellishments.

I love to recycle, and have brought this to my card-making. Sometimes I use scraps of paper leftover from other projects, cardboard from cereal packets, coloured card backings from purchased items. Tearing, cutting, punching, and then placing in an aesthetically pleasing way can create a myriad of effects. Utilising foam double-sided tape, squares or dots adds another dimension to the cards.


card enhancing Paris theme

card enhancing with cardboard

I thought this Ronde Character script added a Parisian flair to the inside of the card. Decorating the outside of the envelope adds interest.

Calligraphy Ronde Character

You may think you are not creative, but if you borrow other people’s ideas you can adapt them to your own needs, and before you know it, you may unleash your latent creativity and become addicted to this form of self-expression!

149/366: lovely as a tree

Since it is about a tree, this piece of calligraphy I did some years ago fits the garden theme of this year’s blog – 366 days and 26 years in my garden. Next year, I plan to continue this daily challenge, although I may broaden the theme to encompass other areas of interest. Then I won’t have to keep creating new blogs! As it is, I probably already have too many!