48/52: breath of spring

As Spring draws to a close, I fondly remember the daffodils which heralded the arrival of the season. I have oft-repeated my love of bulbs, for their tenacity and continuous consistency, so let’s revisit a host of golden daffodils.

a host of golden daffodils

One year I splurged and bought some designer daffodil bulbs, shown below.

an unusual daffodil

Enjoy one last look at a daffodil, because before we know it, Christmas will be upon us!

daffodil close up

46/52: case closed: the mystery plant

cropped-the-mystery-plant1.jpg trunk of the mystery plant the mystery leaves rhododendron leaves another rhododendronThe case of the mystery plant I posted about a year ago was solved by a reader, Noni, who pointed out that it is a Pittosporum undulatum and is considered a weed in Victoria.

I was at a school fete the other day as it is fun seeing what I can find at the trash and treasure stall and also at the plant stall. There were the usual bunch of succulents, but I had most of them. Among other items there was a plant just like the one above. Because it looks a little like a rhododendron, I imagine some poor unsuspecting soul might end up buying it under a misapprehension. At least it wasn’t me!

45/52: cobweb cats

Just before Hallowe’en Shadow and Zorro discovered a hole in the bathroom floor, big enough to jump down into and under the house. How on earth could they find a hole that big? Wouldn’t Mum and Dad have noticed such a gap?

The explanation is simple. We are tackling the huge job of a bathroom renovation, which makes me wonder whether a little blogging on the subject would go down well in the blogosphere? The aforementioned hole was the result of the removal of the bath and waste, just right for a little under-the-house adventure.

Shadow, being black and covered in cobwebs, looked a little alienesque and well-suited for Hallowe’en, reminding me of something out of The Exorcist.

Hallowe'en catZorro waited resignedly patiently while I took photos, before being finally let out exiting graciously through the front door.

what are you looking at?Zorro waits for a photo before exitingAnd then, just as a practice for Hallowe’en, Zorro practised a little magic, of the “now you see him, now you don’t” variety.

now you see himnow you don'tSo thanks, boys, for doing a sweep and de-cobwebbing areas that will never see the light of day!