6/52: there’s nothing like a homegrown tomato

Something truly wonderful and satisfying is walking out into the garden and picking fruit and/or vegetables for the kitchen.

My home-grown tomatoes are certified chemical-free by me, as I know exactly how I have treated them. Fresh produce is a delight. What is even more amazing about this first tomato of the season is that it was from the rogue tomato plant, which just appeared in a pot in the garden, as if by magic.

rogue tomatoes ready to harvest first tomato of the season  Funny how you can spend money on seeds or seedlings, and the plant that does the best was free! I don’t mind, and have accepted this plant graciously, along with the fruit it has produced.

Unfortunately, birds have attacked a few tomatoes. The first one looked beautiful from one side, while the reverse had been virtually eaten out. I shared enough of the plums with the birds, so now I am picking them as they start to blush, and ripening them inside to ensure the greatest rate of success.

looks ready to pick

the reverse side of the one that was ready to pick

I really enjoyed that first tomato of the season, and look forward to plenty more.

a tasty treat

4/52: the race of the rogue tomatoes

Interestingly, the rogue tomatoes that have sprung up seem to be doing better than the seedlings that I bought and planted. Perhaps a seed that nestles itself into the ground with no human help has Mother Nature on its side?

In any case, I am looking forward to these tomatoes ripening into fine specimens.

rogue tomatoes rogue tomatoes looking good