343/366: my helpful husband

Isn’t it funny how sometimes husbands help you when you least want it? Wives out there will understand where I’m coming from. And husbands, I concede that all spouses can be frustrating, but on this occasion it was him.

This morning I got out early to water the tomatoes, with temperatures expected to be up to 37 degrees celsius. I had just bought a plant from a garage sale and it was on the patio awaiting a new home somewhere in the garden.

After going inside for only a few minutes and coming out again, I asked him, “Where did this water come from?” It was trickling across the patio, creating a potential hazard.

“I just watered your new rosemary plant,” he said, pleased to have been some help.

“But it’s artificial!” I exclaimed.

Now at least we can all be assured that it is a very realistic fake plant!

never needs wateringDo you have a favourite story of helpful husbands?

331/366: rogue plants strike again!

Recently I did some serial planting in front of the rosemary bush, in which I planted some leafy green variegated plants and rosemary cuttings.

Suddenly there are rogue plants amongst them. I won’t get too excited, because last time this happened nothing actually eventuated. However, there was that one time years ago when I was very successful with a rogue pumpkin vine. I’d love that experience to be repeated. One can only hope.

290/366: serial planter

Unlike a serial murderer, which is bad, a serial planter can be a good thing.

What is better than one nice plant? Answer: more than one of the same. Sometimes they can be in a straight row, at other times in a triangle or cluster. Usually it’s best to have an odd quantity, unless you are going for symmetry with a pair of the same variety, creating an entrance to an area.

Over the past week or two I have been weeding and digging the area under one of the rear bay windows. There was an overgrown rosemary bush being swamped by seaside daisy, some weeds and a variegated plant.

I liked the leafy plant, but didn’t want it in the ground in that area any more, so I have potted it up, and then in each pot and between planted rosemary cuttings, finishing off with stones and mulch.

253/366: the garden archaeologist

Whilst weeding an area to prepare it for some tomatoes, I came across two surprise finds, which made me feel like I was an archaeologist.

The first was a bangle that I had stupidly worn while working in the garden who knows when. I’m sure when I clean it up it will look something like it used to.

The second surprise find was a potato! I have never planted potatoes, although I do compost them, so that is where this one must have come from.

I was delighted with it, and since I had just pruned the rosemary bush, I thought the combination might be nice, and I also added some spring onion from my garden.

Beating up an egg, I added some grated tasty cheese, a little milk, and then sprinkled dry cracker crumbs over it. I always like to utilise leftover items rather than throwing them out. Then, while the oven was on for my carrot cake, I cooked this little potato surprise from the surprise potato, which proved a tasty little snack.


233/366: feelin’ blue?

No need to feel blue when there are pretty blue flowers in the garden.

The humble forget-me-not is often considered a weed, but it is so pretty with its petite blue flowers and bright green foliage.

I spotted some little grape hyacinths that I forgot we even had. It too, was saying “forget-me-not”! Or rather, since there was more than one, they were saying “forget-us-not”. I also think the point could be argued whether they are purple or blue, but I decided they were close enough to include.

Lastly, a variation of blue is the flower of the rosemary, which is used on Remembrance Day, lest we forget. Again, this could fall into the mauve category, but we all perceive colours differently, and even the camera we use can slightly alter the shade.

Though the colour theme was in my mind while taking these shots, I like the way it all revolved around remembering and not forgetting. That Gingko Biloba must be helping!

4/366: hooray for herbs

It’s really nice being able to pop out into the garden to obtain fresh herbs. I have had rosemary growing for some years out the back. You can dry it out and save it, but it flourishes so I tend to use it straight from the bush. Imagine a succulent leg of roast lamb embedded with fresh rosemary sprigs. On those rare occasions when we do have a roast, I mix up some garlic, oil and rosemary to brush onto the potatoes for extra flavour.

Mint is best grown in a pot, to avoid it taking over the whole garden, although I have to admit I have managed to kill a mint plant before today. Make your own pot of herbal tea by steeping it for a few minutes. The longer you leave it, the stronger the taste. Combine it with some lemon for a refreshing change.

Recently I made a mixed pot of herbs in an old round pipe, planting parsley, basil, oregano and chives. As well as being useful, it looks pretty as well. Just like I try to be!